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Your Water Restoration Questions Answered

29 August 2015
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When your home floods, extensive damage can quickly occur throughout the building. In addition to ruining electronics, rotting wood and ruining paint, it can also lead to the growth of harmful molds, mildews and fungi. To protect your home from these consequences, you will need to contact a professional water restoration professional as soon as possible following this type of damage. There is a strong chance that you may not be familiar with these services, and if this is the case, you may benefit from these two answers to common questions. 

What Should You Do If Your Are Unable To Reach Your Insurance Company?

Water damage can happen at any time, which may mean that you are unable to reach your insurance company to start to claims process immediately. Considering the fact that water damage can cause extensive damage if there are delays in repairing it, you will likely be best served by going ahead and contracting professionals to start the repair. 

In most cases, your insurance company will only reimburse you for this type of repair, which means that there is no point in delaying it until the insurance company opens again. If you want to double check that this is the best option, you should consult your policy contract. It will contain the details of filing claims for common forms of damage, and water damage is usually included. 

How Are The Walls And Floors Dried?

Some homeowners assume that their hardwood floors and drywall is permanently ruined from the flood waters. While this can be true if the water is allowed to stay soaked into these materials, professionals have the ability to rapidly dry your home. This is possible through the use of powerful ventilation and humidity control equipment. 

By keeping the humidity extremely low with brisk ventilation, it is possible to dry the wood and drywall before it has a chance to rot or grow mold. In many cases, this will only take a couple of days to fully dry once these devices are operational, and this can help to minimize the structural damage that your home would suffer from the water damage. 

Whether your home has flooded due to a rupture plumbing pipe, stormwater or other calamity, it is important to understand the process for repairing and minimizing the damage from this event. Knowing that you may not need to wait until you are able to contact the insurance company to begin the repair process as well as the process for drying wood flooring and drywall, you can be better prepared to successfully oversee these repairs for your home. 

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