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cleaning up after Mother Nature

I have worked with a disaster recovery group for the last ten years. We travel from place to place to help towns recover after natural disasters. I have assisted in the clean-up efforts of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires. Each of these terrible disasters has taught me something that I hadn't already known about cleaning up and rebuilding after a disaster. That is why I created this blog. Hopefully, you will find what you need to know to help your family, neighbors or friends clean up and rebuild after Mother Nature creates a disaster area that is beyond your wildest dreams.


Why Professional Water Damage Restoration Is So Important

16 October 2020
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Having extensive water damage to your property can be the cause of a lot of distress and financial strain. However, you do not want to use that as a reason to not get the professional help you need. Instead of trying to deal with the water damage restoration on your own, you will want to hire a company, and here are some reasons why: They Can Get Your House Completely Dry Read More …

Recommendations To Repair And Protect Your Home From Moisture Issues

24 September 2020
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Discovering a surprise of leaking water inside your basement is not the type of surprise you want to see within the walls of your home. Moisture leaking into your basement through the crack between the slab and foundation walls, through small cracks formed within the walls, or around leaking windows can cause thousands of dollars in damage and the potential for mold growth. Here are some recommendations for you to remedy and protect your home against moisture basement problems within your home. Read More …