Surprising Fungus Problems When You Have Had Water Damage In Your Home

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Surprising Fungus Problems When You Have Had Water Damage In Your Home

15 November 2016
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When you have had a water problem in your home, there may be some hidden dangers that develop later. Water problems lead to mildew, mold, and rot. Sometimes, these problems can be overlooked, which can lead to more costly repairs. Here are some of the hidden fungus problems that you want to look out for when your home has had a problem with water damage:

1. The Small Mildew Problems That Can Lead To Rot Of Wood And Other Materials

One of the biggest problems when water gets in your home is that small amounts of water can get left behind. This may be due to leaks and could contribute to mildew growth. This is the first sign of a mold problem, and is something that you will want to clean up. Make sure that no moisture is left behind, as well as inspect areas for small leaks that can continue to allow water to get in your home and start mildew problems that can eventually rot wood and other materials.

2. Leaks That Continue And Can Cause Moisture That Leads To Mold Problems

Leaks are a major problem, and sometimes that can go unnoticed for months or years. As moisture gets into your home, mold continues to grow and take over. When your home has been damaged, inspect the structure for leaks. You will want to check areas like the roof and foundation for signs of water problems. In addition, check areas like around windows and corners where damage can allow water to get in your home.

3. Bacteria That Are A Real Danger When Raw Sewage Water Has Entered Your Home

Bacteria can be another issue with your home after water damage. This is a health hazard when your home has had flood waters that contained raw sewage. The water that gets in your home can be a danger and needs to be dealt with properly. In addition, you may have to replace materials such as carpet that have been damaged in sewage water. A water damage contractor can help with the disposal of these health hazards when you have the restoration work done.

Water damage can be complicated, and restoring your home may take a long time. When you begin the restoration process, do not overlook these potential hidden problems. You can contact a water damage restoration service to help ensure repairs are done thoroughly and correctly.