4 Water Damage Restoration Improvements That Protect Your Home From Future Problems

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4 Water Damage Restoration Improvements That Protect Your Home From Future Problems

22 August 2019
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When your home has been damaged due to flooding or water problems, you want to clean up the mess and prevent it from happening again. Therefore, you want to do more than just average water damage restoration to repair your home. Improvements like better drainage, water-resistant finishes and upgrades to plumbing can all help protect your home. The following improvements are some things that you will want to do to protect your home from future problems after water damage restoration: 

Start With Landscaping Improvements and the Drainage Outside of Your Home  

The most important improvement to prevent water damage due to heavy rains and flooding is to have good drainage. Improve the watershed of your landscaping with drainage canals, drainpipes and dry well areas to contain water. Near your home, make sure that there is good drainage for the foundation, and improve things like gutter downspouts to direct roof runoff away from your home to protect against water problems.  

Upgrading Waterproofing and Exterior Finishes to Help Protect Your Home from Flooding  

The exterior of your home may have finishes and waterproofing that provide little protection from heavy rains and flooding. To start improvements to the exterior, you will want to make sure that low foundation walls have membrane waterproofing to protect against groundwater pressure that can cause leaks. In addition, consider improvements to the lower finishes that provide more protection from flooding and water damage.  

Upgrading Your Plumbing With Features That Help Prevent Costly Water Problems and Flooding  

The plumbing in your home could have been the cause of water damage, or it may not have done enough to protect your home. Therefore, you will want to consider upgrades to the plumbing, such as adding insulation to pipes, installing a sump pump well and updating drain lines with backflow prevention devices. These plumbing improvements will help protect your home from some of the most common causes of water damage in homes.  

Choosing the Right Finishes for Lower Areas to Reduce Potential Water Damage Problems  

There are different finishes throughout your home for things like floors, walls and ceilings. Common building materials like wood floors, trim and drywall are vulnerable to damage due to flooding, moisture and other water problems. To prevent problems, use more water-resistant materials in the lowest areas of your home, which will only need to be cleaned if you have future issues with flooding or water.  

These are some of the improvements that you will want to do to protect your home after water damage restoration. If need help with cleaning up water damage and repairing your home, contact a water damage restoration service and talk to them about some of these improvements to protect your home from future problems.