Recommendations To Repair And Protect Your Home From Moisture Issues

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Recommendations To Repair And Protect Your Home From Moisture Issues

24 September 2020
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Discovering a surprise of leaking water inside your basement is not the type of surprise you want to see within the walls of your home. Moisture leaking into your basement through the crack between the slab and foundation walls, through small cracks formed within the walls, or around leaking windows can cause thousands of dollars in damage and the potential for mold growth. Here are some recommendations for you to remedy and protect your home against moisture basement problems within your home.

Complete a Basement Analysis

When you experience moisture leaking into your basement from an outside source and not from plumbing leaks, you will need to hire a professional to locate the source of the moisture intrusion to correct it. For example, a professional can inspect your basement interior space to determine the origination of the water and a likely source from the outside of your home.

You might find that water is coming into your basement because there has been a large amount of rainfall lately and it has over-saturated the soil around your home. Or you might find that the soil around the outside of your home is sloping inward to your home and causing it to seep through the small cracks and gaps. You may even discover the moisture is from excess humidity inside your home that has begun to turn to condensation on your home's interior basement foundation walls.

With a good idea about the condition of your home's exterior protection and how the moisture is getting into your home, the waterproof and damage contractor can install the right treatment for your home's specific situation. 

Provide Waterproof Application

Once your waterproof professional discovers your home's moisture barrier issues, they will discuss the options with you to repair your home's leak problems. They may suggest applying a waterproof solution to the interior of the exterior of your home. For example, if the outside of your home is being exposed to a high water table that puts excess pressure on your foundation walls, it can be a good option to install an exterior French drain and dry well drainage system. This will need to be installed at the base of your home's foundation walls, so your contractor will need to excavate the soil away from your home. Once exposed, your waterproof professional can install the perforated drain pipe system and gravel layer.

On the inside of your home, your waterproof professional can install a sump pump along with a French drain to draw the moisture out as it seeps down your basement walls. they will apply a moisture barrier over the surface of your concrete basement walls, which you can finish with insulation, drywall, and paint to completely conceal your home's new waterproof system. Reach out to someone in your area for more information.